South West Anaesthesia Research Matrix


Cardiac Output Monitoring Survey (COMS)

This survey was the first project of the RAFT initiative which aims to facilitate collaboration between regional trainee research networks on a national scale.


Cardiac Output Monitors (COMs) are marketed as a means to individualise haemodynamic therapy in the peri-operative period.  National pre-requisite Commissioning for QUality and Innovation (CQUIN) payment schemes, NHS Technology Adoption Centre and recent National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) technology recommendations have been produced to incentivise and drive implementation of this technology.

A range of COMs exist, but it is unclear which are commonly used in UK anaesthetic practice and what effect publication of NICE guidance and the national pre-requisite CQUIN scheme has had on their uptake and implementation.


To conduct a cardiac output monitor survey (COMS) across the 90 acute trusts which form part of RAFT


  1. Describe the current COM availability
  2. Determine the effect of CQUIN payment schemes and NICE guidance in driving COM implementation


Preliminary results can be viewed here.


ARS, 21-22nd April 2015

SASWR, Dr James Bickley, 14-15th May 2015

Regional Project Lead

Dr Thomas Clark

Local Trust Project Lead

Dr Thomas Bradley
Dr Geoffrey Wigmore
Dr Fran Smith
Dr Timothy Wilson
Dr Matthew Jenkins
Dr Catherine Dore