South West Anaesthesia Research Matrix


Founders of SWARM

Dr Thomas Clark


Former trainee in Peninsula

Critical Care Consultant, Torbay Hospital

Founded SWARM in April 2012

Dr Gary Minto


Anaesthetic Consultant, Derriford Hospital

Founded SWARM in April 2012

Ongoing leading role on SWARM Committee

SWARM achievements by July 2014
Regional trainee research network established involving 6 hospital trusts
Central committee appointed
Membership of SWARM has grown to over 200 trainees and 60 students
Held 2 AGMs

6 home-grown prospective audits / service evaluations
Recruitment completed for 2 NIHR observational studies (LAS VEGAS and SNAP)
Recruitment for COMS; RAFT's first national project

1 article accepted for publication (SuSHI, Anaesthesia)
1 article in process of submission (THAnCS)
1 article to be written (SWARM ICU, Intensive Care Medicine / Critical Care)
4 abstracts published (BJA x 2, Anaesthesia x 2)
1 abstract under submission (ICS)

Multiple publications associated with LAS VEGAS and SNAP

3 national poster presentations (ARS, AAGBI x2)
1 international poster presentation (ESRA)

2 national oral presentations (GAT, ARS)
2 regional oral presentations (SASWR, SODIT)
Numerous local oral presentations
Numerous oral presentations to national committees

In the pipeline...
1 upcoming national oral presentation
1 upcoming regional oral presentation (SASWR)
1 upcoming AGM
Meta-analysis group to be established
NIAA grant received for first home-grown RCT