South West Anaesthesia Research Matrix


Local Assessment of Ventilatory Management during General Anaesthesia for Surgery (LAS VEGAS)


This international, prospective, observational trial aimed to recruit 4800 patients via an estimated number of 96 centres worldwide.

Its aims were to:

  • Ascertain mechanical ventilation practices during general anaesthesia for surgery
  • Assess whether there is a correlation between intra-operative ventilatory settings and intra-operative and post-operative pulmonary complications


Data collection was completed in March 2013.


The contribution of SWARM to the study is summarised below:

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Total number of patients recruited
Total number of Critical Care patients recruited
Overall recruitment rate  
Derriford Hospital, Plymouth 
179 / 370 patients (48%)
Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro   
82 / 95 patients (86%)
Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Exeter
123 / 135 patients (91%)
Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton   
50 patients recruited, denominator unknown
Torbay Hospital, Torquay    
83 / 90  patients (92.2%)
North Devon District Hospital, Barnstaple 
69 / 75 patients (92%)
For more information, visit the LAS VEGAS website




Utility of an anaesthetic trainee led research network to contribute to multicentre studies. South West Anaesthesia Research Matrix ("SWARM"). Anaesthesia 2013; 68(S3): 44.

Written by Dr Gary Minto and edited by Dr Thomas Clark & Prof Robert Sneyd on behalf of SWARM

Presented by Dr Danielle Franklin at the AAGBI Annual Congress, September 2013.



Research Nurses vs Research Ninjas, Presented by Dr Danielle Franklin & CRN Claire West at the Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust Research Conference, September 2013

Regional Project Lead

SWARM Committee

Local Trust Project Lead

Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
Dr Danielle Franklin
Dr Gary Minto
Claire West, Clinical Research Nurse
Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro
Dr Nicholas Boyd
Dr Jonathan Paddle
Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Exeter
Dr Matthew Rucklidge
Dr Sandeep Kusre
Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton
Dr Matthew Kerton
Dr Andrew Donovan
Torbay Hospital, Torquay
Dr Jane Montgomery
Dr David Portch
North Devon District Hospital, Barnstaple
 Dr Guy Rousseau
 Dr Matthew Browning

Local Trust Project Investigators

Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
Dr Simon Marshall
Dr Deborah Webster
Dr Rachel Montgomery
Dr Kate Sharpe
Dr Katherine Stenlake
Dr Michelle Barnard
Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro
Dr David Ashton-Cleary 
Dr Sarah Jarvis
Dr Kelly Mackey
Dr Simon George
Dr Megan Thomas
Dr Stephen Copplestone
Dr Daniel Mc'Laughlin
Dr Robert Goss
Dr Peter Bolton
Dr James Plumb
Dr Thomas Lawson
Dr Kate Teare
Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Exeter
Dr Julie Lewis
Dr Will Tomlinson
Dr Thomas Clarke
Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton
Team of research nurses, led by Jayne Foot
Torbay Hospital, Torquay
Dr Lindsay Arrick
Dr Richard Harrison
Dr Edward Berry
Dr Peter Thomas
Dr Jim Blackburn
Dr Rebecca Thurairatnam
Dr Tim Wilson 

Local Trust Project Contributors

Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
Dr Mark Davidson
Dr Ruth Treadgold
Dr Charlie Gibson
Dr Rupa Jayaraja
Dr Richard Hunt
Dr Sarah Morwood
Dr Abiola Ladele
Dr Susan Davies
Dr Richard Reed
Dr Adam Revill
Dr Tim Starkie
Clinical Research Team:
Julie Alderton
Valerie Morgan
Camille Bellamy-Hillyer
Clare Northcott
Karen Brookes
Maxine Pearse
Leanne Carwithen
Sally Pedlar
Margaret Gavasingha
Suzanne Price
Catherine Harden
Judy Sercombe
Shona Hughes
Rosalyn Squire
Ben Hyams
Carolyn Stewart
Tim Johns
Alison Stolton
Angela King
Kate Tantam
Darren Waugh
Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Exeter
Dr Ashleigh Williams
Dr James Simpson
Dr Scott Bradburn
Dr Louise Cossey
Dr Alexandra Hughes
Dr Ross Vanstone
Dr Andrew Woodgate
Dr Rebecca Pugsley
Dr Ben Ballisat
Medical Student Chris Acott
Dr David Hutchins
Dr James Cole
Dr Jonathan Blackman
Dr Kate Smurthwaite
Dr Helen Marshall
Dr Fran Smith
North Devon District Hospital, Barnstaple
Clinical Research Nurses
Dr Matt Casemore
Dr Layth Tameem
Dr Wren Holdon
Dr Junayed Ahmed
Dr Catherine Dore
Dr Helen Fothergill
Dr Johannes Retief
Dr Balasz Bartos
Dr Monika Hanko
Dr Alex Smith