South West Anaesthesia Research Matrix


Other Trainee Research Networks

Anaesthesia and Intensive Care trainee-led research networks are spreading throughout the country. Here are links for the other collaboratives:

West Midlands Trainee Research in Anaesthesia and Intensive care Network (WMTRAIN) @wmtrain

North West Research and Audit Group (NWRAG) @NWRAG

Severn Trainees Anaesthetic Research group (STAR) @STAResearch
South Coast Peri-operative Audit & Research Collaboration (SPARC) @wessexSPARC
South Yorkshire Hospitals Audit & Research Collaboration (SHARC) @SHARCgroup
Welsh Anaesthetic Audit Research and Engagement Network (WAAREN) @WAARENgroup
Pan-London Perioperative Audit and Research Network (PLAN) @PeriopResearch
Anaesthetic Audit & Research Matrix of Yorkshire (AARMY) @AARMYorks
Intensive Care & Anaesthesia Research Network North East Trainees (INCARNNET) @incarnnet
Merseyside Anaesthetic Group for Improving Quality (MAGIQ) @mersey_magiq
Surrey Peri-operative Anaesthesia Critical care collaborative Research group (SPACeR Group) @SPACeRGroup
South East Anaesthetic Research CHain (SEARCH) @SearchKSS
Anaesthetic Audit & Research Network NI (ARNni) @ARNniTweet

Sessa Quality improvement And Research Networt (SQuARes) @SQuAResNet

Oxford Critical Care & Anaesthetics Research Enterprise (OxCCARE) @oxccare
Network of Eastern Anaesthetic & Critical care Trainees for Audit and Research (NEACTAR) @NEACTARORG
Scottish East Quality Improvement & Research Academy (SEQuoIA) @dundeegas
Midlands (East) Research by Critical Care and Anaesthetic Trainees (MERCAT)