South West Anaesthesia Research Matrix


We are excited to announce the launch of Sustainable Anaesthesia in Peninsula (SAP) as an off shoot of SWARM

We launched SAP via an evening webinar on the 24/11/2020. We had over 40 of our colleagues and trust representatives across the region attend. 

If you are a trainee, SAS, fellow or consultant in the region and would like to be involved in SAP please contact us at

Follow SAP on twitter @SAP_CO2e

Our initial collaborative efforts have focused on reducing volatile anaesthetic usage. WhilstAlthough information about the global warming potential of volatiles has been in the public domain for some time, we hope that by calculating usage and highlighting areas of high consumption we can further work to reduce the overall 'carbon cost' of anaesthesia. Teams across Peninsula are now tracking volatile consumption, total number of cases and the type of anaesthesia used for maintenance. We’re looking forward to being able to present this data in the near future - watch this space!

Are aims are:

- Reduce the environmental impacts of Anaesthesia in Peninsula by promoting current sustainable best practice, measuring its impacts in kgCO2equivalents

- Engage and listen to colleagues in discussions about sustainable anaesthesia

- Share information, resources and lessons learnt amongst sustainability focused groups in the South West

- Collaborate in regional and national sustainability projects and initiatives

- Establish a network of trainees and consultants across Peninsula who are enthusiastic about green issues!


SAP Leads: Robert Stabler & Stuart McPhail

Local Leads:

Truro: Paul Rich & Jon Debenham

Derriford: Natalie Smith & Will Hare

Torbay: Louise Webster & Emma Bartlett

Exeter: Alistair Helliwell & Elliot Haines

Taunton: Barney Kyle & Aaron Sutton

Barnstaple: Rob Conway & Ben Andrew