South West Anaesthesia Research Matrix


SWARM Audit Project 1: The proportion of patients undergoing emergency surgery who are at risk of post-operative pulmonary complications


This was the first multi-centred prospective audit completed by the SWARM research collaborative. It involved 6 trusts, 70 trainees and 25 consultants.

Its primary objective was to test and develop the organisational structure of our new trainee-led research network. Its secondary objective was to collect data that would guide future research projects planned by the collaborative.


The data collected during SWARM AP 1 included:

1. The ARISCAT & Revised Cardiac Risk Index scores of patients undergoing emergency / urgent surgery on the NCEPOD list

2. The timing of emergency surgery on the 24 hour clock (Royal College of Anaesthesia Audit Compendium 2006 Section 4.2)


During a 2 week period in 2012 we recruited 437 patients and achieved a recruitment rate of 85%. This data has been presented at national meetings. The success of our first project implies that the concept of trainee-led research networks is viable and we look forward to refining the model in future endeavours.



SWARM Audit Project 1



Winter Anaesthesia Research Society Meeting, 13th December 2012, Dr Julie Lewis



Society of Anaesthetists of the South Western Region Meeting, 16-18th May 2013, Dr Peter Thomas



To be presented at the Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust Research Conference, September 2013

Musgrove Park Hospital (Taunton), 25th February 2013, Dr Borys Topor

Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital (Exeter), 6th February 2013, Dr Sandeep Kusre

North Devon District Hospital (Barnstaple), 22nd January 2013, Dr Matthew Browning

Derriford Hospital (Plymouth), 13th December 2012, Dr Thomas Clark

Royal Cornwall Hospital (Truro), 20th November 2012, Dr Nicholas Boyd

Torbay Hospital (Torquay), 7th November 2012, Dr Tod Guest




Regional Project Leads

Dr Thomas Clark

Dr Gary Minto


Local Trust Project Leads

Dr Nicholas Boyd

Dr Sandeep Kusre

Dr Borys Topor

Dr Claire Hamer

Dr Matthew Browning


Local Trust Project Investigators

Dr Kate Sharpe

Dr Elizabeth Fontaine

Dr Julie Lewis

Dr Elizabeth Teare

Dr Alan Ch’ng

Dr Rupa Jayaraj

Dr James Blackburn

Dr Peter Thomas

Dr Benjamin Plumb

Dr Francois Wessels


Local Trust Project Contributors

Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
Dr Iain Christie
  Dr Stephen Copplestone
Dr Justine Elliott
  Dr Gillian Ansell
Dr Richard Reed
  Dr Paul Erasmus
Dr Paul Sice
  Dr Richard Kaye
Dr Sophia Wrigley
  Dr Lorraine Alderson
Dr James Cole
  Dr Tim Wilson
Dr Ruth Treadgold
  Dr David Pappin
Dr Matthew Oldman
  Dr Jane Kehoe
Dr Victoria Field
  Dr Christopher Seavell
Dr Carrie Langley
  Dr Susan Loxdale
Dr Stephen Bree
  Dr Graham Simpson
Dr Lauren Weekes
  Dr Mark Rockett
Dr Rachel Montgomery
  Dr Sarah Rawlinson
Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro
Dr Deborah Bell
Dr David Elliott
Dr Anna Weiss
Dr Paul Waterhouse
Dr Roger Langford
Dr Annika Ryberg
Dr Alison Moore
Dr Ross Vanstone
Dr Adrian Hobbs
Dr Susan Davies
Dr Claire Preedy
Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Exeter
Dr Mark Jackson
Dr Louise Cossey 
Dr Stephen Harris
Dr Rebecca Pugsley
Dr Matthew Rucklidge
Dr Nigel Hollister
Dr Suzanne Coulter

Dr Maytinee Lilaonitkul

Dr David Sanders
Dr Susan Ward

Dr Catherine Harris

Dr Ross Cruickshank
Dr Andrew Rawlingson
Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton
Dr Layth Tameem
  Dr Zoe Brown
Torbay Hospital, Torquay

Dr Jeremy Ackers

Dr Sudhindra Kulkarni 
Dr Catharina Hoyer
Dr Nicola Stapells
Dr Marc Ridgeway
Dr Richard Hughes
Dr Kate Holmes
Dr Lyn Margetts
Dr Anthony Matthews
Dr Juliet Barker
Dr William Rutherford
North Devon District Hospital, Barnstaple
Dr Alison Clift
Dr Junayed Ahmed
Dr Helen Fothergill
Dr Johannes Retief
Dr Ray Foster
Dr William Headdon