South West Anaesthesia Research Matrix


SWARM related publicity


A new direction for trainee-led research in the Peninsula, Anaesthesia Points West, 45(2): 31-32.

Written by Dr Julie Lewis & edited by Dr Thomas Clark on behalf of SWARM (2012).


South West Anaesthesia Research Matrix (SWARM): A new model for trainee research, Royal College of Anaesthesia Bulletin, 79: 21-23.

Written by Dr Thomas Clark & edited by Dr David Connor on behalf of SWARM (2013).


Anaesthetists are taking the lead on European research, Plymouth Herald, 5th April 2013.


Anaesthetists' research network creates buzz, My Science website, 2nd April 2013.

A 'how-to' guide to setting up a trainee-led research network, National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia website, November 2013.

Written by Dr Thomas Clark (SWARM) & Dr Charlotte Small (WM TRAIN)


SWARM collaborative increases trainee research exposure and opportunities within Health Education Southwest

Written by Dr Danielle Franklin and Dr Sandeep Kusre on behalf of SWARM.

SWARM: A successful model of trainee-led research and audit

Written by Dr Victoria Field and edited by Dr Danielle Franklin & Dr Jane Montgomery on behalf of SWARM.

Establishment of a trainee led multicentre anaesthetic research & audit network (2013) British Journal of Anaesthesia, 110(5): 880P.

Written by Dr Gary Minto and edited by Dr Thomas Clark & Professor Robert Sneyd on behalf of SWARM (2013).

Utility of an anaesthetic trainee led research network to contribute to multicentre studies. South West Anaesthesia Research Matrix ("SWARM"). Anaesthesia 2013; 68(S3): 44.

Written by Dr Gary Minto and edited by Dr Thomas Clark & Prof Robert Sneyd on behalf of SWARM

Presented by Dr Danielle Franklin at the AAGBI Annual Congress, September 2013.



Clinical Leadership Research Group Meeting, NIHR clinical research network, 17th September 2014, Dr Danielle Franklin

National Federation of Anaesthesia & ICM Trainee Research Networks meeting, 2nd December 2013, Dr Thomas Clark

East Midlands Academic Showcase, Loughborough, November 2013, Dr Sandeep Kusre & Professor Robert Sneyd

Joint meeting of the RCOA, NIAA, NIHR, MPC DPFS & NETSCC, 8th February 2013, Dr Thomas Clark

National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia, September 2012, Dr Thomas Clark



SWARM update for Specialty Training Committee, 9th January 2014, Alexandra Hughes

Peninsula Medical School Research Society, November 2012, Dr Tim Wilson & Dr Mark Rockett



GAT Annual Society Meeting, Manchester 17-19th June 2015, Dr Lawrie Kidd

Faculty of Leadership and Management Conference, Manchester 24-25th February 2015, Dr Victoria Field

Winter Anaesthesia Research Society Meeting, 14th December 2012, Dr Julie Lewis

Group of Anaesthetists in Training Annual Scientific Meeting, 5th April 2013, Dr Danielle Franklin


CRNCC / LCRN Liaison Meeting, 21st May 2015, Dr Danielle Franklin
RAFT AGM @ GAT, 16th June 2015, Drs Danielle Franklin, Harriet Daykin & Thomas Clark