South West Anaesthesia Research Matrix


Satisfaction and Wellbeing in Anaesthetic Training (SWeAT)


There is evidence that some anaesthetic trainees may experience high levels of stress and burnout syndrome, although there are also thought to be protective factors from personal and work-based sources.

Levels of stress and burnout have never been fully explored in UK anaesthetic trainees. Job satisfaction, stress and burnout may impact not only the health and wellbeing of anaesthetic trainees – who represent a sizeable and vital NHS workforce – but also, potentially impact the patients they treat.

Exploration of these issues is required in order to identify ways in which the professional satisfaction and wellbeing of anaesthetic trainees can be optimised.

The aim of this study was to provide current, accurate information to those involved in the training, mentoring, supervision and management of UK anaesthetic trainees and to help guide and inform current and future resources designed to support this group.

All anaesthetic trainees were eligible.

Participation involved:

1. A confidential online questionnaire

2. The potential for a more detailed telephone interview

This study is led by STAR.

This project closed to participation on 5th June 2017. There were 127 participants from Peninsula - a very encouraging 67% response rate. Thanks to everyone who took part!

Two original research articles were published in the October 2019 edition of Anaesthesia journal (one focussing on the quantitative analysis, the other on the qualitative analysis).