South West Anaesthesia Research Matrix


Untitled obstetric study - new SWARM project for 2023. 

The next SWARM backed project will be looking at the antenatal provision of written information on options for analgesia during labour and delivery in the South West. This project, lead by Dr. Lizzie Freeman, won at the SWARM Hive of Ideas in October 2022. 

What is the aim of the project? 

The questions we aim to answer: 

  • How well informed do women feel at the moment?
  • How do they feel about the consent process for epidurals in labour?
  • Can maternal satisfaction be improved by providing information on options for pain relief for labour and delivery antenatally? We plan to use public and patient involvement (PPI) in the design and introduction of a new information resource.

What is the plan for the project? 

  • The first stage will be to conduct a trainee led questionnaire of postnatal women via the SWARM network (hopefully in February/March 2023 after an initial pilot at Derriford). 
  • We will develop a new information resource using the questionnaire findings and patient involvement from across the region. This will be introduced at Derriford and shared with other sites, subject to necessary approvals.
  • The ultimate aim will be to repeat the questionnaire at a later date at any sites adopting the new resource. The Newcastle PROMs text follow-up system can be used at Derriford to measure change over time.

For more information please contact your SWARM local lead or the project lead Dr. Lizzie Freeman at