South West Anaesthesia Research Matrix



Established in February 2012, SWARM is an anaesthetic trainee-led audit and research collaborative based in Peninsula Deanery in the South West of England. 

1. To establish a regional network of anaesthetic trainees who conduct multi-centre research and audit with a high potential for making an impact.
2. To allow trainees to continue their involvement in research and audit projects as they migrate around the deanery.
 3. To provide training in research for the educational benefit of SWARM members.
 4. To attract national funding for research and audit work.

We would love to involve as many South West anaesthetic trainees in research as possible and whether you are a bona fide research guru or getting involved in research for the first time SWARM is here to help. If you are interested in getting involved please do contact your hospital's trainee local lead or the committee directly on

Interested parties are encouraged to read the SWARM constitution, since participation in SWARM projects assumes an agreement to abide by the terms that are detailed within it. 


Winner of the Regional Training Symposium Hive of Ideas 

December 2022

Congratulations to Dr Lizzie Freeman who's pitch won the RTS Hive of Ideas. Her project will investigate whether the provision of written information on analgesic options for labor and delivery could improve maternal satisfaction. 

This project will be piloted in Derriford Hospital in the new year! If anyone is interested or would like to get involved please contact your local SWARM lead. 

Regional Training Symposium

October 2022

On the 03rd of September SWARM held the 2022 Regional Training Symposium at Buckfast Abbey. It was a great day with insightful and interesting talks. We would like to thank everyone who contributed towards the success of the day and everyone who attended. If you were inspired to get involved in research regionally please do contact the SWARM committee on 

Perioperative Blood Management

January 2023

This RAFT project is launching in January 2023. This survey aims to evaluate how blood products are used across the UK and how practice varies regionally. It offers a great opportunity for trainees to get involved in a quick and simple study. For more information see the Projects and Events tab above. 

Poppy Study- RAFT 4 pitch winner!

June 2022

Huge congratulations to Will, Anna and the team working on the Poppy study for winning the RAFT 4 pitch and securing a NIAA research grant. The pilot study is due to start in Derriford Hospital in early 2023 so if you are interested in getting involved please contact SWARM. 

WINNER of the Trainee Network category of The RCoA/NIHR Clinical Research Network Awards 2017!
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